Mirthworks Creations

The Mirthworks Creations studio is located near Athens, Ohio in the rural hills of Southeastern Ohio.

Artists Mindy and Larry King have combined their talents to create a beautiful and often startling line of sculptural jewelry inspired by more than 60 insects, spiders, and crustaceans.

Mindy is the driving force behind Mirthworks and it's chief artisan. Larry is a science educator who has been fascinated by spiders and insects as far back as he can remember.

Mirthworks Creations
19530 Lafayette St.
Guysville OH 45735
Email: mirth@frognet.net


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Important Changes 2007
Mindy contracted Transverse Mylitis and most of her production work was put on hold.  The spinal injury continues to play havoc with her life but she is coping better and has stepped back from large production runs to individual work and one of a kind creations, which she has found she prefers as an artist.  Working helps keep her mind off the central pain syndrome she continues to experience.  To fill the time that was previously taken up by art shows and conferences, Mindy has been working at one of her first loves, restoring and repairing antique chairs.  Mindy has recently started a local chair caning business at www.chairweaver.com      Mirthworks Creations is still being maintained at a level keeping up with business as a custom artistic endeavor.

Mindy King works on a butterfly

News 7/05/10
The economic slowdown has indeed slowed us down, but we are still here.

Mindy's pain 'spontaneously' reduced itself in early 2009 which has given her a new perspective of life.  Though definitely not pain free, she is keeping busy and is turning back to her art work.

We are currently in construction mode and we are building a new shop large enough to house all of our creative endeavors, including the bug jewelry.

During this transition we will not be making new insects pieces but we do have small numbers in stock.  

Best practice will be to call us and inquire. Plus Mindy would love to hear from you. 




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  Mantids, Hoppers & Walkers

  Insect Pests

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