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honey bees thumbnail view
016. Honey Bee, Mylar Wings

017. Honey Bee, Brass Wings

ants thumbnail view
018. Black Ant

019. Red Ant

wasps thumbnail view
020. Sphecid Wasp (Narrow Waist)

021. Paper Wasp (Thick Waist)

crickets thumbnail view
022. Cricket
katydid thumbnail view
023. Katydid


The bees, ants, and wasps in our HYMENOPTERA Collection have tack pin backs.
The Honey Bees have turned ash bodies, dyed yellow with black accents and come with mylar wings or hammered brass wings.
Ants are made of turned maple with brass appendages and are painted red or black.
Wasps are made of turned maple in metallic colors with brass appendages. The Sphecid Wasp has various color mylar wings; the Paper Wasp, brass wire wings.

Members of the ORTHOPTERA Collection are presented as stickpins.
Crickets may be dark blue, purple, or black; their dyed bodies are of turned maple and hammered brass.
The Katydid has a light green sassafrass or ash body with hammered brass legs.
The Grasshopper has a leaf green maple body and hammered brass legs.

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grasshopper thumbnail view
024. Grasshopper
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